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Drinking Socially - S3 Ep. 04: From Russia with Love

Episode Summary

What better topic for a Valentines Day episode than Russian Imperial Stouts? If it were not for Peter(and Catherine) the Great's love of stouts — we may never have jumped into the high gravity, highly hopped bitter style of stout that was made to please the rulers of a country. Now these are commonly made to please everyone. We're fortunate to have an example direct from Moscow on the show today. Then, we follow it up with an example of America's re-introduction of the style. Today, you'll see Dark Lords, Marshal Zhukovs, and Black Ops all built in homage to this love story of inky black beer. Share your love of dark chocolate, stinky cheese, and maduro cigars with us as we talk about these 2 amazing beers!

Episode Notes

What We’re Drinking:

Ivan by Victory Art Brewing

Old Rasputin by North Coast Brewing


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