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Drinking Socially - Ep. 61: Out of our Gourds

Episode Summary

We asked; you answered. It's Pumpkin season and we're drinking the reigning 'King, as well as 2 other styles of Pumpkin beer on this episode. Plus! Harrison walks you through your first Homebrew with minimal investment that you actually ferment inside of a Pumpkin.

Episode Notes

## **What We’re Drinking**

Beer #1 - Pumpkin Latte Blonde by Sycamore Brewing

- Blonde Ale

- 5.5% ABV

- Beach Shack Coffee is infused in Sycamore’s Pumpkin Latte Blonde (made with pumpkin spices, sweet vanilla and cold-brewed Beach Shack Coffee)

Beer #2 - Pumpkin Pie Porter by Deep River Brewing Company

- Pumpkin / Yam Beer

- 5.9% ABV

- Porter style beer brewed with real pumpkin and your favorite pumpkin pie spices.

Beer #3 - Pumking by Southern Tier Brewing Company

- Pumpkin / Yam Beer

- 8.6% ABV

- Pumpkin puree and pie spices, malty, bready; cinnamon dominates with nutmeg and vanilla in the background.

## Brewing with Pumpkin

Harrison begins by talking about some of his experiences in a brewhouse during pumpkin season and ends by instructing you on building your first Pumpkin beer — inside a pumpkin. We can't wait to hear about it. Recipe Link Here!

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Untappd Ratings — what's your scale? criteria? How do you use Untappd to rate and find your next beet? Harrison and Jon are going to talk about their thoughts on the subject but as always — send yours to us on the Facebook Group!

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Out of Our Gourds Pumpkin Home Brew Recipe