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Drinking Socially - Ep. 60: Our First Bottle Share

Episode Summary

We heard your feedback and brought from Session Beer Market onto the show for a bottle share and some questions about his role as a beer buyer and proprietor at his very craft focused Bottle Shop.

Episode Notes

What We’re Drinking

Beer #1 - No Time Like the Present by Voodoo Brewing Company (Collab with Equilibrium Brewery)

Beer #2 - Supplication by Russian River Brewing Company

Beer #3 - Black Tuesday (2015) - by The Bruery


We take a walk down memory lane, diving into Mike’s first “craft beer memory”, and even discuss what he’s ordering to eat after a bottle share. We gain insight into what it’s like trying to keep up with all the new beer, breweries, and trends in the market today.


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It's Pumpkin Season! Don’t forget to send us your pumpkin beer recommendations (via social media or Drinking Socially Facebook Group) for Harrison and Jon to review in Episode 61!


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