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Drinking Socially - Ep. 58: Blackberry Pineapple Triple Puffsicle / Life and Limb

Episode Summary

We’re honored to welcome Greg Avola as our first interview guest in season 2 (excuse the audio quality during this section)! Greg discusses the upcoming Seven City Tour and elaborates on the check-in process and how the winning cities were chosen. Harrison and Jon share a beer from The Answer (who will be hosting Greg on his stop in Richmond) and the 3rd release of Life & Limb. We close the episode reflecting on the beer trade/bottle share segment of craft beer.

Episode Notes

Greg Avola Seven Cities Tour Update

We were able to grab a quick phone interview with Untappd Co-Founder Greg Avola We were able to grab a quick phone interview with Untappd Co-Founder, Greg Avola (Twitter/Untappd), and ask some questions about the upcoming Seven City Tour. Greg reflects on past events and discusses tour travel plans. Follow along on the adventure via Untappd’s social media channels (Twitter / Instagram / Facebook) or here.

What We’re Drinking

Blackberry Pineapple Triple Puffsicle by The Answer

Life and Limb by Dogfish Head Craft Brewery & Sierra Nevada Brewing


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Beer Trading Editorial

There are no right or wrong answers when it comes to trading and sharing beers. Harrison and Jon examine the way it’s changed over the last few years. We also dig into the Untappd app and how it’s a great tool to help people find and trade beers.


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