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Drinking Socially - Ep. 57: Beets Rhymes And Life

Episode Summary

This episode covers 2 very different Saisons, our last update before the Seven Cities Tour is locked in, and a very interesting opinion article on the end of craft beer. (Not really, but it's a great article, and Harrison and Jon editorialize it) Harrison learns a little about beets, Jon learns a little about Harrison’s donut compulsions and we have a lot of fun drinking together.

Episode Notes

What We’re Drinking

Beets Rhymes and Life by Fonta Flora Brewery

Informal #1 by Fermentory Form


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Seven Cities Update

The Race for #1 (or really the top 7) grows tight! We've got 3 days left to lock in the winners! Click here to see the current rankings.

Beer News:

This week we tackle a well worded Opinion article published by GrowlerMag.com and written by Simon Nielsen. The Title "Why Craft Beer Is Dying" caught our eye and we spend 15 minutes elaborating and submitting our own opinions on the topic. Follow up with your own on our Social — or on our Facebook Group.


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