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Drinking Socially - Ep. 56: Franny's Farmhouse / Happy To Donut

Episode Summary

We're really excited about this week! We have real donuts to eat with our donut beer and a really unique hemp-infused beer with collaboration efforts from North Carolina's first female hemp farmer. We keep you informed on beer trends analyzed from the Brewers Associations mid-year review, and provide an exciting update on Untappd re-launch of the Seven Cities Tour!

Episode Notes

What We’re Drinking

Franny's Farmhouse by Bhramari Brewing Company

Happy to Donut by Wren House Brewing Company

Stories From The Drinking Socially Facebook Group

Jon references the recent growth in activity on the Group focusing on newcomers and a few #firstbeer stories

Harrison's Beer News

Harrison covers updates from the Brewers Association's Mid-Year Review including their analysis of trends on IPA's, 'Light Beers', and a trend with beers >7% ABV

Untappd Updates


We had over 100,000 unlocks on the badge this year and we dive into details about where it was earned and what beers were the favorite.

Seven Cities Tour

Untappd is hitting the road again! Starting in September, we will be hosting seven parties in seven different cities!

Want us to come to your city? Check-in at your favorite local Verified Venue during the month of August. Or Click Here to learn more and see what the top cities are in real-time.


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