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Drinking Socially - Ep. 23: Controlled Chaos & History of the American Sour

Episode Summary

This week we christen our new office with Controlled Chaos by Karl Strauss Brewing, recap the top 10 IPAs from IPA Day, check out a new sponsored badge from Founders Brewing Co, learn some new home brew tips from our friend John Holzer of the FourBrewers podcast, dive into the history of the American Sour Ale, and much more.

Episode Notes

What We’re Drinking

Controlled Chaos by Karl Strauss Brewing Company

IPA Day Recap

August 2, 2018 was IPA Day and we take some time to recap the top 10 IPAs that unlocked our IPA Day (2018) badge.

Sponsored Badges

The Ultimate Session with All Day IPA

Home Brew Tips With John Holzer

Our friend John Holzer from the FourBrewers podcast will join us every other week to provide tips, tricks, and information for anyone interested in home brewing.

Style of the Week

This week we take a look at the history of the American Sour Ale.

Beer Articles

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Brewers Association Reports 5 Percent Growth Midway Through 2018


David on Twitter: "Several podcast episodes back y’all mentioned that the styles used in Untappd were different than the standard BJCP styles. I’ve even noticed sometimes that a brewery will say their beer is X style but Untappd will list it as Y style. Why is that?"

Recent Beer Style Updates

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