Drinking Socially - The Official Untappd Podcast

Drinking Socially - Ep. 2: HenHouse IPA & History of the Gose

Episode Summary

This week we enjoy some HenHouse IPA, take a look at the Untappd 3.2.2 update, dive into the the history of the Gose, and much more.

Episode Notes

What We’re Drinking

HenHouse IPA by HenHouse Brewing

Untappd News

3.2.2 Update Release Notes

Sponsored Badges

Challenging What a Premium Lager Can Be from Founders Brewing

Style of the Week

This week we learn about the history of the Gose (go-suh)

Beer Articles

From Ocean To Potion: Kelp Finds A Niche In The Craft Beer Market

Waste Not, Want Not: Drink Beer To Feed Fish And Help Save The Planet

A Brooklyn Scientist and His Two-Headed Monster Are Turning Craft Beer into Whiskey

Lyft Partners With Brewery on Beer That Comes With Discount Rides


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