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Drinking Socially - Ep. 14: Two Evil: Pachamama Porter & History of the Porter

Episode Summary

This week we savor Two Evil: Pachamama Porter by Two Roads Brewing, Evil Twin, & Cerveceria Barbarian, dig into updates in the Untappd 3.2.8 release, cover the latest sponsored badges, learn some new home brew tips from our friend John Holzer of the FourBrewers podcast, learn about the history of the Porter, and much more.

Episode Notes

What We’re Drinking

Two Evil: Pachamama Porter by Two Roads Brewing, Evil Twin, & Cerveceria Barbarian

Untappd 3.2.8 Update


Bugs / Fixes

You can see a full list of updates at http://updates.untappd.com

Sponsored Badges


Fat Tire Fridays

Home Brew Tips With John Holzer

Our friend John Holzer from the FourBrewers podcast will join us every other week to provide tips, tricks, and information for anyone interested in home brewing.

Style of the Week

This week we learn about the history of the Porter.

Beer Articles

The Shower Beer Is the Best Beer for You, According to Science (Scuba Notes Photo)

Gruit Ale - Brewers Are Replacing Hops With Sweet, Aromatic Herbs to Resurrect This Extinct Beer

San Diego Padres Begin Beer Hawking Service for Fans at Petco Park

Zima Is Officially Returning to Stores Nationwide for Summer


Tim B on Twitter asks “does a beer’s overall rating include ratings left by users who are private, or does it just count public ratings?”

Al G on Twitter also asked "how can we follow Kyle and Tim on Untappd?"

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Kyle on Untappd

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